Advanced Speech Writing Technique – Writing Speeches for others


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Course Overview

The course provides professional guidance on how to compose and structure professional speeches. It will illustrate the many rhetorical devices used in business and political speeches to create winning speeches. It will identify what it is that makes speech writing different from other kinds of writing and analyse the five key elements of a winning speech and how they fit together within a logical speech structure. Throughout the day it will look at a number of successful speeches from the world of politics and business and show how they are structured. It will conclude by  showing how to adapt these techniques for different kinds of audiences.

" The course covered everything I needed to fill up the gaps in my knowledge. It was very thorough with lots of takeaways on how to improve your speech writing."

Serg Gas, Chief of Staff & Head of External Relations, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The course provides instructional guidance on how to compose and structure professional speeches. The course uses practical examples to help identify what it is that makes speeches successful. It will also offer guidance on how to approach speech writing projects.

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