Advanced Video Production for Parliamentary Staff – Editing Master Class


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Course Overview

The Advanced Video Production course for parliamentary staff is an ideal choice for all those wishing to learn how edit video footage. The course is made up of four sessions and is highly practical and provides guidance on how to create videos for use on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and  websites. Using Premiere Pro as the baseline software package, delegates will have the opportunity to learn the core fundamental practical skills surrounding editing, lighting and audio skills to heighten the visual impact and editorial message of short films. The course also contains specialist advice on the best gadgets and other equipment to source to enhance films produced using mobile phones to possess a professional quality.

This course is a highly focused course aimed towards providing non technical staff with all the necessary professional guidance and instruction required to enable them to create high quality videos.

" I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and left feeling far more confident about my ability to produce quality videos. The trainer was extremely clear and I now feel able to put into practice what I have learnt. I would recommend this course, to anyone wishing the gain an edge by having the technical insight to produce and edit creative videos to a high professional standard."

This is a highly practical course aimed at staff at a beginners to intermediate level. All delegates require is the ability to use your phone to make films, as the course offers professional guidance on how to edit your footage for future use. It  provides step by step guidance on how to  create high quality video footage with the specific angle of assisting those who wish to create engaging videos for public circulation and use imagery for local constituents platforms and charity campaigns, helping attendees to create videos able to keep people fully engaged in the work of either their local MP or charitable organisation.

Led by an award  film director,  the focus of this course is to provide mixed ability attendees with all the necessary expertise to produce and edit highly engaging footage, using story boards capable of publicising  key parliamentary activities, including work in the constituency and campaign information for donors and charity supporters.

The course established in 2018  teaches Premiere Pro software and is designed to enable non-creatives, specifically charity workers and parliamentary staff , with the skills and know how needed to produce short videos for mass circulation.

So whether you need to produce video imagery to upload on corporate  website or as part of your greater digital content strategy across various social media platforms, this course is an ideal choice for your staff and anyone who was to produce footage using mobile phones or miniature digital cameras.

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