Social Media – Managing your online presence


Course Overview

A one day course which will provide delegates, including MP’s staff, with clear professional guidance on how to avoid the many pitfalls and mishaps associated with using social media platform such as Twitter. It will provide structured guidance on how to create a risk adverse internal strategy and framework of usage. It will also and look at different types of internal procedural and model practices which can be introduced as safeguards and serve as working frameworks to avoid reputational damage.

The course will illuminate through the use of templates and case studies examples, what best practice actually looks like, as well as uncover the prickly issue of manpower, responsibility and time management and offering tips on how to effectively co-ordinate staff involvement and multiple team contributions.

As David Cameron once stated  ‘Too many tweets makes a twat’. But whether we like it or not, social media has become a crucial element of modern day political communications.

This is an ideal course for anyone keen to fully understand the communications management side of social media as well as learning the do’s & don’ts associated with using the many evolving platforms.

Social Media – Managing your prescene on the net will provide detailed thoughtful and professional instruction on how to maintain the use of social media in your office on a day to  day basis as part of your overall internal strategy for effective political, campaigning and media communications.

This course will contain expert guidance on how to structure usage in a professional manner. It will also provide clear examples plus working templates to assist you in the development of your own working protocols and internal office agreements to avoid creating media storms and other unnecessary mishaps.

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