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Advanced Policy Making 2: Agenda Setting

Once an organisation believes it has created and established a policy initiative with the potential to create a lasting impact in public policy; many find that they are stuck on what moves they should take to ensure that their policy is recognised at a higher governmental level and eventually implemented. The "Advanced Policy Making 2: Agenda Setting" course tackles this problem head on by providing finite guidance on how to gain Government backing of your chosen policy field.

The course taught by ex ministers, special advisors and senior civil servants offers answers to all those queries policy-makers may have, on the best methods employed to ensure that internal work leads to public policy change. Providing top-level advice, the course offers concrete guidance and analysis on how Whitehall deals with policy, as well as providing a toolkit blueprinting the key fundamentals for good policy making.

For more information about this course please contact our course enquiry line on 0844 800 9073.

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