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Advanced Parliamentary Procedure

If you wish to campaign to make fundamental changes to a specific piece of legislation but have a lack of appreciation of the culture and procedure of the House of Lords, then this course is ideal for you. Devised with senior parliamentary campaigners in mind, this course offers practical and technical guidance on how to make Amendments to Bills as well as providing your organisation with insight into current practices and procedures of the second chamber.

Very often the House of Lords is erroneously overlooked as a key vessel for parliamentary activity. Most Public Affairs practitioners ignore its Debates, Select Committee enquiries and miss out on the golden opportunity its scrutiny of Government policy can present, by placing all their emphasis on the House of Commons.

However as a means of instigating fundamental change to specific clauses within wider legislation, the House of Lords has an unparalleled position.

With all this in mind Parli-training’s Advanced Parliamentary Procedure course has been established to provide senior parliamentary campaigners with all the professional insight needed to enable them to be much more proactive in the second chamber and far more comprehensive in their parliamentary campaigning activity. 

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Cost: 450.00 (GBP) per person

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Friday, 28 May 2021
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