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Parliament for Press Officers

Today's press officers need a good grasp of knowledge when attempting to cover proceedings in the Houses of Parliament. Media relations professionals' are often required to compliment, in their press activity, the work of internal parliamentary and public affairs teams. Acknowledging this fact, Parli-training has devised a special one-day course aimed at teaching press officers how to best capitalise upon press activity relating to the work of their organisation's parliamentary and public affairs teams.

The Parliament for Press officers course provides press officers and media relations professionals with a clear insight into how to respond with clarity to the parliamentary session. It explains how the institution works as well as pinpointing key opportunities for coverage, such as debates and the passage of bills. It also offers professional advice and guidance on how to monitor, handle and respond to key events such as The Queen's Speech, The Budget, and Government and Ministerial announcements.

The course also contains an extensive and detailed session on how to handle press strategy during and after elections. Tactical guidance is offered, on how to foster meaningful working relations with politicians and lobby journalists. All in all this one-day course offers anyone working within an internal press department, a comprehensive insight into how to handle media priorities when dealing with the political arena and Parliament itself.

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Venue Name: Parli Training

Address: Suite 49, 34 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0RH View Map (opens a new window)

Telephone: 0844 800 9071


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Starts: 09:00 AM
Ends: 04:30 PM

Cost: 582.00 (GBP) per person

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