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Introduction to Political Research

Knowing how to complete comprehensive and professional research projects is a must for any would be political assistant or parliamentary researcher. 

With this in mind, Parli-training has devised, as part of its practical plus training programme, a special one-day course aimed at providing guidance on how to construct thorough research documents for everyday use by elected politicians, think-tanks and voluntary sector campaigning groups.

This is an ideal choice for anyone new to political research whose previous exposure to research may only have been to complete research for academic essays or larger dissertations.  The Introduction to Political Research course offers step by step instructed guidance on how to complete political research, explain how such research is normally used, as well as give tips on how to present your findings in a professional and tangible manner.

The course offers a framework of practice based ideas, teaching delegates how to gather information, present findings, and ensure that completed work is both accurate and comprehensive in the presentation of factual evidence.  Lead by a collection of former parliamentary researchers and think tank staff, the course will provide an effective instructional guide on the universal skills necessary to complete major pieces of political research with ease and confidence.

A feature of this course is a practical exercise where delegates complete a work based project.  Ample time will be spent during the day on how to use resources available to parliamentary staff as well as guidance on how to use the internet more effectively without hitting an information overload. Presentational guides and templates will also be provided on the day.

All in all this is an essential course for anyone who need to master, and grasp quickly, all the skills required to follow competent political research.




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Thursday, 18 March 2021
Thursday, 20 May 2021

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