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High Level Negotiation Skills - Negotiating Policy with Ministers

Having to convince a Minister of State of the conceptual benefits of your proposal to change public policy is a tall order for even the most seasoned public affairs professional. With all this in mind, Parli-training has devised a new practice based public affairs training course to teach and enhance negotiating skills. This course is aimed at professionals who need to learn how to achieve success when dealing with senior decision makers across Government.

The course will illuminate the rich tapestry of events, characters, scenarios, consequences and professional barriers which many face when attempting to negotiate with politicians. This course offers an array of practical tips and solutions plus tried and tested techniques on how best to prepare meticulously, overcome obstacles and fortify arguments in order to gain success. 

The course offers a detailed break down of the variety of styles and approaches which characterise political negotiation, providing the audience with an analytical framework to assess their individual style and professional approach. It will identify the many methods that work and critically appraise actions that leads to failure. It will give guidance on how to improve techniques and also offer assistance on how best to prepare your tactical approach beforehand. It will look at methods of detailed pre-planning to engender compromise and flexibility; as well as provide a platform in which delegates can best assess the likelihood of success long before negotiations actually take place.

Jam-packed with detailed technical guidance, this course will conclude with two practical exercises aimed at putting into practice new found skills as well as testing the course's armoury of professional solutions to common problems faced. So if you are keen to master the art of political negotiation and in doing so improve your organisation's chances of achieving real success, then this is an ideal course for you.

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Thursday, 29 October 2020

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