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Preparing for a General Election - Post BREXIT Deadline

This specialist training course will provide public affairs professionals with an opportunity to gain all the information they require in order for them to successfully manage internal policy, media and campaigning activity during General Elections.


The course provides instructional guidance on Elections, examining the different types of activities which takes place during campaigns, as well as provides a detailed overview and analysis of all the core events which characterise them. It will provide participants with many practical tips on how to draft, develop and launch 'alternative manifestos', providing instructional guidance on how best to publicise and maximise attention for internal policy concerns.

It will provide guidance on how internal campaigns and communication strategies can be reinvigorated to gain widespread attention and cross party support, from politicians, the media and the general public. The course will also offer direction on how to use this period of heighten media attention to gain a spotlight on key policy concerns, raising organizational issues on the wider agenda. The course will conclude by offering detailed instruction on a selection of steps external organisations can instigate to promote their long term campaign objectives, increasing more general awareness of core policy concerns throughout this period.







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Venue Name: Parli Training

Address: Suite 49, 34 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0RH View Map (opens a new window)

Telephone: 0844 800 9071


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Starts: 09:00 AM
Ends: 04:30 PM

Cost: 625.00 (GBP) per person

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Friday, 6 December 2019

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