Advanced Public Affairs Management II – Crisis Management Master Class


Course Overview

The day provides an opportunity for evaluation of practical approaches and illustrate how to create flexible strategies able to ensure success when seeking to influence policy decision makers. The course is relevant to all those working within public affairs. Its will provide senior managers with viable tools and strategic approaches to assist them in navigating industry concerns.


This unique course will offer insight for team leaders’ managers and public affairs teams  and  will offer an invaluable opportunity for review and analysis of emerging trends and challenges.

  • How to re-frame and plan your public affairs agenda
  • Offer practical guidance on how to create watertight, reflective and effective crisis management plans
  • Provide guidance on how to manage your agenda during turbulent times
  • Showcase vital tips on how to improve upon digital engagement skills, specifically when attempting to influence Parliament

The course will also provide a forum to review past performance as well as gain critical analysis into how to move forward.

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