Civil Service Training – Soft Skills for Civil Servants – Managing Millennials


Course Overview

The millennial generation represents the largest age group to emerge since the baby boom generation. They are often well educated, tech savvy, extremely self-confident and have plenty of energy. Mixed with high expectations and a preference to work in teams rather than alone, this group of Fast Streamers raises several challenges to managers used to traditional workplace culture.

The course provides an overview and solution on how to manage young staff. It will provide a strategic guidance note on the core difference and generational approach this group bring to the workplace. It will look at the key motivating factors managers need to understand in order to engage and retain young teams. It will give guidance on how you can increase performance, team build and create positive working environments.


The course offers guidance on how to manage young teams.It will offer tips on how to engage and inspire. It will provide strategies on how to increase performance. It will survey the culture and generational working styles and address just how to retain high achievers.




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