Stakeholder Management – Working with Regulators


Course Overview

The course offers professional guide on what constitutes good stakeholder management by  illustrating how it can maximize business intelligence through an organised plan able to  deliver on key essentials such as reputation, competitive advantage, corporate governance, risk management and statutory requirements. This course will provide a ‘best practice model’, for all  those wishing to increase the effectiveness of the stakeholder engagement as well as covering aspects concerned with managing professional working relationships with statutory regulators.

"The was a highly practical and instructive course which provided me with a forum to reassess past performance, and rethink our plan and overall strategy going forward. I would recommend this course !"

The course serves as a thorough introduction to the subject matter of Stakeholder Management.  It will conclude by examining how to create a  good stakeholder management plan able to maps the level of interest and influence of stakeholders and list various levels of engagement.

The course also provides a guide for organisations who have statutory obligations and legal requirements which mean there exist a strategic objectives to undertake stakeholder engagement/consultation/management. By attending this course delegates will leave with a clear idea of the strategic benefits an organisation can derive from mastering this discipline.

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