Advanced Digital Public Affairs – Remote


Course Overview

This session will offer professional guidance on how to properly assess and measure your digital public affairs strategy. It will focus on the few key metrics which can offer guidance on how to prioritise outcome related to metrics capable of properly grading actual influence, change or action, over vanity metrics like traffic or followers. It will explain what should be measured in digital public affairs, looking at how to establish an essential framework to categories different types of metrics. It will look at how to establish core assessment and measurement for awareness, identifying how people are exposed to your message and material. Ascertaining the interest your activity has gain beyond just making people.

This first session will identify the core elements to consider when developing a Digital Public Affairs Strategy for your organisation. It will pinpoint what methods, tools and tactics you should use in your communications and identify the unique role social media, online content and data collection and analysis should have when formulising your plan. It will identify the core elements of public affairs activity conducted by organisations.

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