Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Training – Why choose this option?

Bespoke training offers your organisation the opportunity to focus upon solutions to key areas of concern & challenges, your sector faces, in terms of better influencing strategies for politicians and other policy makers.
This type of training offers your organisation the opportunity to sharpen pre-existing skills  and amplify results!

It will also provide a platform for all personnel within your strategic communications responsibilities, to gain further insight and learn specific parliamentary & influencing skills.

Who teaches the Bespoke versions of our courses?

We tend to recruit the best and brightest for these courses; selecting our trainers who have the most experience. This includes former Clerks of the House of Commons, Special Advisors, Former Ministers and all those who have held senior positions in Whitehall and Number Ten. These are individuals who know first hand, how Westminster and Parliament works but come with additional strategic leadership experience.

What can you gain from attending ?

A tailor-made course which addresses all your issues, meets the specific  training needs of colleagues present and gets everyone up to speed regardless of position or  prior knowledge.

Why does this approach benefit your organisation?

It will save time & money, as everyone working together, gets trained in a confidential safe setting which will magnify teamwork and raise a better understanding  of how to tackle key issues.

Better still, we can travel to you and deliver the course in your office premises?

Yes, that’s exactly right, once we have devised the course for you, and created the materials, we can deliver the course at a location of your choice, making it easy for all your team to get trained together, all at once.