Flexible Training Options for a Global Audience

In response to the changing landscape following the pandemic, we are steadfast in our commitment to offering accessible training solutions tailored to our diverse clientele. Our courses cater to the needs of both international participants and UK nationals, providing flexible remote and hybrid access options.

Remote and Hybrid Access to Our Training Courses

With the uncertainties surrounding public health gradually receding, we recognise the continued importance of flexibility in accessing educational opportunities. Therefore, while we now offer more in-person training sessions, we maintain our commitment to providing flexible remote training options upon request. Additionally, we continue to incorporate live sessions into our schedule, allowing participants the choice to attend either online or in person at our Whitehall classroom facility.

Choose Your Preferred Mode of Learning

Since March 2020, we have conducted 260 successful online training sessions, serving a global audience. This approach has garnered immense popularity, enabling participants to engage with our courses from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for travel to our Central London location.

Tailored Training Solutions

Acknowledging the diverse needs of organisations, we offer customised training options, including team training sessions and closed-team training days. Whether your team requires specialized instruction or wishes to participate in one of our general courses, we can adapt our offerings to meet your requirements.

Continued Emphasis on Remote Courses

Looking ahead in 2024, we remain committed to delivering a substantial number of remote courses. For inquiries regarding availability and bookings, please contact us in advance.

Get in Touch

For those with specific needs or inquiries, particularly if you are based overseas, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing flexible and accessible training solutions for a global audience.