Remote and Hybrid access to our training courses

Due to continued uncertainty about the public health risk associated with the Pandemic, we will continue to run the lion share of our courses remotely with plans to facilitate more live courses from mid September 2021 onward. We also have the option of you attending our courses as a Hybrid Meeting, which means in room participants and remotes participants can attend the training online or in person in our classroom setting in Whitehall.

So you have a option to either attend online or in person from mid September 2021 onward.

Since March 2020, we have run 260 training options online as remote courses. We plan to continue this offering. This means you can now still attend our courses from home  without the need to travel to London.  Remote learning has proved to be a popular option for many of those who need additional access to our courses but are unable to travel to our main location in Central London.

We will continue to run a selection of courses remotely. So if your organisation requires team training in specific area or just want a closed team training day on one of our general courses, we are able to accommodate that need.

We plan to continue to deliver a high number of remote courses throughout  2022. Please contact us prior to making a booking  and check availability.