About Us


Parli-training has been a leader in vocational training in public affairs, for over two decades. What sets us apart is our focus on providing delegates with the practical skills they need to excel in their roles. Our courses are taught by industry experts who offer valuable insights and guidance based on best practices.

In our public affairs courses, we employ a variety of teaching methods, including presentations, workshops, and practical exercises, along with contemporary case studies to make the subject matter engaging and relevant. We encourage active participation through Q&A sessions, networking opportunities, and interactions with expert trainers. Operating under the Chatham House Rule, we create a confidential and safe environment where delegates can freely discuss and address challenging issues.

Whether you’re new to public affairs or seeking to deepen your understanding, we offer courses tailored to different experience levels. From entry-level courses for newcomers to transitional courses for graduates entering policy and campaigning roles, we ensure participants leave fully energized and confident in their abilities to effect change.

For those needing to navigate parliamentary procedures or understand government processes, our specialist parliamentary courses led by experts demystify the complexities of these systems.

If your focus is on high-level influencing and engagement with senior policymakers, we offer courses providing insight into the workings of policy teams within key government institutions. Whether you’re looking to engage effectively with MPs or influence decision-making at the highest levels of government, our specialist courses are designed to help you achieve your goals.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of British politics, our mission is to deliver relevant and impactful training that empowers teams, sectors, and organisations to achieve their desired outcomes.


Here are  just a few comments from recent attendees

External Affairs Officer

“There was a very safe environment created, I felt confident to speak, ask questions and make mistakes. I am excited to put everything I’ve learnt into practice.”

Stakeholder Engagement Advisor

“Excellent content, brilliantly delivered by a knowledgeable trainer.”

The Environment Agency

 Associate Director of Advocacy

” The course was really good and suitably advanced to meet my professional needs.”

Freedom from Torture

Senior Communications Officer – Public Affairs

“Very engaging. Very useful. I will be using the knowledge, I gained today, immediately in my role.”

NHS Blood and Transplant

Parliamentary Assistant

” Really informative, collaborative exercises, felt educational and productive. Great to hear from two industry experts”

The Office of Tom Hunt MP