About Us

Parli-training is the UK’s first specialist parliamentary and public affairs vocational training provider. Established 20 years ago, we provide specific training solutions for professionals working in government relations and public affairs.

In July 2002 we became the first standalone public affairs and  parliamentary training company. Our course are designed for professionals working in government relations and public affairs. Always the innovator, in March 2010 we were the first to establish a full set of training courses designed for constituency caseworkers and parliamentary researchers.

Over the next few years we went on to developed further courses on policy making, parliamentary procedure and media training plus speech writing courses  and also went onto deliver our courses overseas. Our milestone moment includes providing a set of speech writing training courses  in Paris for economists based at the OECD.  Working with Legislative Clerks from Kenyan Government to adapt our policy making training courses for Senior administrative staff based in Nairobi. Flying to Jersey to train government  communications course for staff. Most recently, we delivered a three-day training schedule inside various committee rooms inside the Scottish Parliament.

Today, we continue to innovate to reflect the evolving themes in the industry. Over the last three years we have established  a series of new digital training courses covering advanced social media, digital for press officers and video production training courses.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of internal  public affairs professionals. We continue to provide fresh insights  into how to influence, network, and liaise more effectively with politicians and other powerful decision makers. We continue to cater for professional staff working across many sectors who need to master their advocacy skills.  So, whether you are a press officer, head of public affairs, policy officer, communications director,  parliamentary officer or heading up parliamentary campaigns, we have a training courses tailor made for professional public affairs roles.