Advanced Writing Skills 2 – Writing Reports with Impact


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Course Overview

How do you write a policy document that creates impact? A piece of work or report that is able to excite and inspire an influential, targeted readership.

This is a challenge that many policy officers and researchers face and this course provides guidance on how to write highly effective policy documents, reports and policy proposals, that can ultimately achieve the desired end of future policy adoption.

The course is very comprehensive and offers detailed step by step guidance and instruction on how to write for a discerning and highly sophisticated audience.

It also provides key tips on how to get the maximum attention of core decision makers such as senior politicians and civil servants.  As well as providing professional guidance on how to gain the large scale media coverage once your work has been published.

This is a ideal course for all those responsible for writing policy papers for their organisations who wish to achieve greater impact and improve their writing style. It an ideal choice for policy officers, think tank researchers as well as anyone keen to produce work capable of creating long term impact within their chosen policy area.

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