AI for Digital Content Creators – Artificial Intelligence in Press, Comms & Social Media


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Course Overview

Are you ready to transform your content creation process and stand out in the digital crowd? We are excited to introduce our brand-new and highly sought-after course: “AI for Digital Content Creators” – focusing on empowering digital content managers, press officers and social media teams. This immersive training course is tailored to equip digital professionals with all the skills and insights needed to fully capitalize on all AI has to offer to revolutionize your content strategy. The day offers guidance by offering a thorough guidance on the  introduction to AI content Creation Applications, Content Creator AI Challenges, Social Media Creative Tools for Platforms and AI Content – Ethical Considerations.


"A good oversight of the different areas of AI for communication staff, with useful guidance on where to go and how to start."

Tom Hylands, Communications Manager, Halma

Designed specifically for Digital Content Managers, Press Officers and Social Media Staff, the course offers a review of the best tools which can be utilised to assist communications professionals in various aspect of content delivery, including video production, editorial research, photography and the use of infographics and animation. The course also contains solid information on various apps highlighting the many capabilities of the various AI platforms currently available, with additional guidance on how they can be be applied to enhance media content creation for social media.  The course review both the ethical practical, cost related consideration required to fully appreciate all that is required to fully integrate AI into the working practices for communication professionals.

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