Advanced Policy Making 1: Management of Ideas


Course Overview

The creation of finite and effective policy proposal able to gain the imagination and support of Senior Politicians and senior civil servant is a key prerequisite of any good policy making.

With this in mind Parli-training, has created a selection of highly focused policy courses aimed at aiding policy officers, policy teams and heads of policy department working for external organisations, with guidance on how to create inspired policy proposals.

The Advanced Policy Making course 1 aims to provide attendees with inspiration on how best to create innovative public policy proposals. It contains detailed guidance on how to use research to boost creativity in policy design as well as containing ministerial insight and guidance on how to accurately forecast for the future, tactically increasing the success of your policy proposal within Government.

Aimed at Senior Policy personnel the course provide participants with intuitive professional guidance on how to come up with original ideas, how to effectively use international comparative studies on public policy as a key research and a learning tool before embarking on new policy initiatives and discover new ways to us research to enhance the quality and brevity of internally derived policy initiatives. The course will also look at specific ways to encourage innovation and flexibility in policy making as well as critical appraise the use of Evidence Based Policy Making.

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