Advanced Effective Public Affairs Management


Course Overview

This senior public affairs training course is aimed at managers and executive staff  responsible for devising strategic communications, policy proposals and campaign initiatives to influence policy makers; the course provides high-level guidance covering the essential elements necessary to lead and crisis manage your organisations’ corporate public affairs agenda.


" The course provided an opportunity to assess and review, existing approaches in strategic public affairs."

Annabel Brodie-Smith, Communications Director, The Association of Investment Companies

This course provides structural guidance on how manage public affairs strategy.  It will provide guidance on how to build engagement enabling your organisation to work more closely with politicians such as MPs, MSPs, AMs, MLAs, trade associations, think tanks, business groups, charities, unions and the media at large. It will also provide guidance on how to work closely with key policy decision makers across government and the civil service. The course is relevant for all professionals responsible for leading their organisation’s public affairs agenda.



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