Advanced Speech Writing Technique – Writing Speeches for others


Course Overview

This course was originally designed for Parliamentary Researchers and Special Advisors who were keen to improve their speech writing capability. So since 2006, we has been the premier provider of speech writing courses for politicians and their staff.

We were one of the first UK based training providers to offer focused specialist training in  speech writing for elected politicians and their staff based in Westminster and the Scottish Parliament.

Over time we have developed the course further to reflect the needs of high-level professionals working in corporate environments who need to write effective speeches   for  senior management to help promote specific messages to shareholders, the media and policy decision maker audiences across government, parliament and the civil service.

The course also translates well for overseas delegates and has also attracted interest from senior executives and public affairs professionals, working for prestigious International Organisations such as the European Investment Bank, the International Council for Nursing, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and Deutsche Bank. So far this extensive experience has given us unique insights setting us apart from the competition.

Key highlights of the course

  • Five Key Elements of a Winning Speech:  Analysis of the essential components of successful speeches and how they integrate within a logical speech structure.
  • Unique Aspects of Speech Writing:  Understand what differentiates  speech writing from other forms of writing.
  • Rhetorical Devices:  Discover the various rhetorical techniques used in business and political speeches to create poignant and impactful messages.
  • Speech Analysis:  Learn from the masters by examining a range of the most successful speeches from the world of politics and commerce to get a better understanding of structure & effectiveness.
  • Coaching Techniques:  Gain detailed insights on how to effectively coach your boss or whomever you are writing the speech for, whether they are a senior politician or ceo.
  • Professional Guidance:  Learn to compose and structure professional speeches with expert guidance.
  • Audience Adaptation:  Learn how to tailor your speech writing  well to suit different types of audiences.


" The course covered everything I needed to fill up the gaps in my knowledge. It was very thorough with lots of takeaways on how to improve your speech writing."

Serg Gas, Chief of Staff & Head of External Relations, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

This course is also ideal for those working in corporate environments, who need to write business speeches for senior Directors and high profile Business Leaders. The practical examples and hands-on guidance provided  on the day will help such delegates to master the art of crafting compelling speeches  for corporate audiences.

So why not join our  speech writing course  Today and learn through formal training to elevate your speech writing capabilities.


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