Civil Service Training – Soft Skills for Civil Servants – Change Management


Course Overview

This  course offers practical guidance on how to implement the four core principles of successful change management. Using contemporary examples and various case-studies, it will illustrate how to appreciate the individual and communal impact of change at work. It will also highlight best practice in planning change, implementing and communicating change.


This is an ideal course for  those new to management as well as project managers seeking renewed inspiration in the area of people management.   This course is packed with detailed guidance on how to manage changes more effectively. Professional guidance will also be offered on how to sensitively build and dismantle existing teams. Delegates will be given fresh insight into how to embrace, encourage and integrate new policies, reflective of cultural trends. The course will offer guidance on how to establish robust policies surrounding  new expectations on flexible working, remote home working and the promotion of  good work life balance and promotion  of mental health awareness.

The course is relevant to following grade levels:

  • Executive Officer (EO)
  • Senior Executive Officer/Higher Executive Officer (SEO/HEO)
  • Grades 6 and 7

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