Community Organising – Master Class


Course Overview

The course provides practical ‘best practice’ guidance on how to create effective campaigns, able to engage effortlessly with the public and authentically reflect major concerns of local people living in the community.

''The course was brilliant. It was really enjoyable and in depth with relatable content. The tutor was excellent , enthusiastic and great at responding to my many questions. It was really insightful and I took away a lot of information and skills that I can use in my role.''

Karan Rai, Unlocked Graduates, Ambassador Network Manager

This is a master class on Community Organising which covers all aspects related to grass root activism and local campaigning. It highlights all the associated methodologies related to professional campaigning. It also explains how to successfully combined digital techniques with traditional print media, to both recruit support, build momentum and bolster on-going and existing campaigns.





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