Crisis Management for Parliamentary Staff


Course Overview

The course serves as a definitive guide on how to manage a crisis situations when working within a back bench MP’s parliamentary office. The course will include professional tips of how to run things seamlessly even when everything seems to be going wrong. Delegates will be given a practical plan and templates to assist them. As well as dealing with the media, it will provide an opportunity to learn how to cope when dealing with excessively difficult and problematic situations.


The course provides detailed guidance on how to compose a comprehensive crisis management plan within a constituency office.  It will assist in providing insight into how to professionally manage to the most typical scenarios which can generate a crisis for a back bench MP. Through the use of case studies the course will illuminate and challenge the the many nightmare scenarios  staff may encounter. It will cover problems as far reaching as social media attacks,  negative local media  coverage, targeted anti-social behaviour, belligerent Councillors,  dealing with internal and external party activists,  smear campaigns  launched by grassroots groups and opposition party political networks.

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