High Level Lobbying on a Shoestring


Course Overview

The High Level Lobbying on a Shoestring course is specifically designed for small charities with limited resources and personnel who aim to launch high-profile parliamentary campaigns. This course provides a comprehensive guide to effectively leverage internal assets, including expertise and intellectual capital, to achieve significant breakthroughs. Regardless of your organisation’s size and capacity, you will learn how to make a substantial impact on policy and legislative processes.

This course is ideal for small charity organisations that may not have extensive financial resources or large teams. If your charity needs to make its voice heard in parliament but struggles with constraints, this course will equip you with the strategies and skills necessary to succeed. The practical insights and tools provided will help you maximize your existing resources to drive meaningful change.

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will discover innovative ways to utilize their internal resources creatively and efficiently. The course will cover essential lobbying techniques, from crafting compelling messages to building strategic alliances. You will learn how to navigate the complexities of parliamentary procedures, engage with key stakeholders, and sustain momentum for your campaigns.



"I managed to learn more in one day than in any previous training I've done over the years. The trainers were experts with lots of usueful tips and knowledge. Overall very practical and there will be a number of things I will take forward from it. The course provided the confidence boost I was looking for."

Simon Youel, Head of Policy & Advocacy, Positive Money

The High Level Lobbying on a Shoestring will empower your charity to advocate effectively for your cause, even with limited means. By the end of the course, you will have a clear road map for executing high-impact lobbying efforts, boosting your confidence and capability to influence public policy. Join us to transform your approach to parliamentary advocacy and make a lasting difference.


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