High Level Negotiation Skills – Negotiating Policy with Ministers


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Course Overview

The course will chart how Whitehall operate internally, to provide delegates with a unique insight into how to create policy accessible to existing internal administrative frameworks within Whitehall. The course also contains practical workshops in which attendees are tested on their ability to frame a strategically focus plan policy which fits with the present culture and day to day management activity within a typical Government department.



"It was invaluable to hear from a politician who has seen behind the scene understanding of how things work."

Mary Lou Nesbitt, Head of Governmental & External Relations, Medical Defence Union

The course content also covers how to negotiate inside of Government. It will outline the Ministerial management process and finally give guidance on how to effectively negotiate policy with Ministers. The attendees will leave this course with a clear insight into everything entails in terms of articulating policy directives in a decisive and informative manner across Whitehall with civil servants, Ministers and their aides.

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