Introduction to Policy Making


Course Overview

The is an ideal course for anyone new to policy making. The day has been devised specifically to provide clear unbiased instruction guidance on how to develop and deliver, internal policy initiatives which can easily be translated into future government policy directives. It illustrates how policy initiatives should be constructed to ensure they are adopted by decision makers and deliverable across government. The course concludes by offering formal guidance on how to create robust policy initiatives which are capable of gaining traction among senior policy decision makers.

"Interesting and comprehensive. The course gave fresh insight into how to generate new ideas"

Lauren Wilkinson, Pensions Policy Institute

The course provides a structured  framework to illustrate the many methods  of research, rigorous testing and assessments protocols which can adopted to evaluate new policy directives. The course will  also  provides organisations with robust analysis and ideas on how to promote their policy initiative to the decision-makers  such as civil servants and senior politicians.


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