Advanced Writing Skills 1 – Writing to Persuade


Course Overview

This is a professional guidance course aimed at staff working as policy officers and assistants  who need to write quality documents such as policy proposals, parliamentary briefings,  guidance notes and specialist briefing papers  for a political audience. The course offers explicit guidance on how to  to persuade policy decision makers and stakeholders of the merits of your arguments, cause, findings, campaign, hypnosis and evidence. It will illustrate how to create influential materials able generated interest and support.

The course provides a finite understanding of all the techniques available to hand when attempting to write text to influence and persuade policy decision makers. This is an ideal course for anyone seeking to learn new skills and review past performance in this crucial area of work. If your work involves formulating internal policy ideas for  a political audience then this course will greatly assist you in identifying the core elements needed to persuade and gain support.

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