Introduction to Paralegal Studies


Course Overview

Transforming Caseworkers into Legal Professionals:

Our course is meticulously crafted for caseworkers seeking to embark on a fulfilling journey into various professional legal roles. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of constituency staff, this program equips participants with the skills required to thrive as paralegal assistants in legal environments.

By seamlessly integrating theoretical foundations with practical skill development and ethical insights, our curriculum prepares individuals to pursue enriching careers in solicitors’ offices, law centres, and other legal advisory services. Participants will acquire the expertise needed to navigate complex legal landscapes while upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.


A paralegal plays a pivotal role in legal proceedings, offering vital support and services without holding licensure as regulated legal providers under The Legal Services Act 2007. This course is meticulously tailored for caseworkers currently employed by Members of Parliament (MPs) who aspire to transition into the legal realm, particularly as paralegal assistants.

Our objective is clear: to furnish participants with indispensable knowledge, practical skills, and firsthand experience essential for success in roles within solicitors’ offices, local law centres, or voluntary sector free access legal advisory services. Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on core legal principles, real-world applications, and ethical considerations crucial to effective casework and legal support in public-facing capacities.

Join us in unlocking your potential to serve the public with renewed vigour and professionalism in a dynamic legal environment.



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