Introduction to Welfare Benefits


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Course Overview

Devised for caseworkers new to Welfare Benefits this course will explain how claimants can access each benefit. The course contains updates on recent changes to the system and examine in detail the affect these changes have had on the administration of  Universal Credit – Roll out, Benefits Cap, Childcare, ESA  (Work Related Activity Group) Youth obligation, Employer Childcare Vouchers & new claimants Working Age Benefits Tax Credits Requirements to Seek Work Housing Benefit, Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) payments, and Universal Credit Housing Support for 18-21 year old’s.


"A well structured informative and enjoyable course with good practical sessions."

The course offers detailed professional guidance on how the current benefits system is structured. It contains professional in guidance  into recent welfare benefits reform and how the system has changed over time. It will also outline the differences between contributory, non-contributory and means tested benefits.

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