Practical Office Management Skills 4 – Essential HR for Managers


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Course Overview

The  course objective is to provide delegates with professional insight into how to effectively manage a small team.  The aim of the day is to empower  team leaders and office managers to achieve success by helping them to master the core elements of HR as well as forming the professional boundaries to achieve good employee relations. It also provides  managers with a comprehensive guide on how to best manage employees covering legal requirements as well as highlighting the managerial skills needed to create positive working environments.



'' I found this course hugely helpful, in guiding my steps towards setting up a new office immediately after the election. I would highly recommend this course.''

The course outlines the basic mission, core principles and disciplines of human resources,  to acquire, develop, and retain talent; align the workforce with the organisational objectives ; and be an excellent contributor to the overall business strategy or workplace agenda.

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