Practical Office Management Skills 6 – Mastering the IPSA Accounts System & Constituency Office Budgets


Course Overview

The course has been devised to provide clear straight forward practical guidance for staff that are currently responsible for the managing office budgets. This course is regularly updated  to fully reflect all changes made to the IPSA system.

This one-day training course provides detailed instructional guidance on how to manage office accounts. Split into two distinct sections, this is a highly practical and focused course, ideal for anyone new to parliamentary office budget management and the IPSA system.

'' Having recently taken over responsible for managing IPSA in my office, I found this course invaluable. The trainer was very insightful and offered tips on how to use the system more effectively, whilst setting up office protocols to avoid running into future problems.''

The course serves as thorough induction on how to use the IPSA system to record and manage parliamentary office accounts. The days contains practical guidance and instruction to assist those new to the system. Through the use of a series of practical exercises,  delegates will be able to practice using the system. Delegates will receive templates and guidance on how to use spreadsheets to record accounting activity. The day will end with general guidance on managing office accounts and setting budgets.

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