Practical Office Management Skills 7 – Effective Letter Writing – Parliamentary


Course Overview

The course contains information on how to create templates to enable your office to cope with an influx of inquiries by post and email. Plus guidance on how to write official responses with compassion when dealing with letter concerning sensitive and emotive issues. Professional guidance is also provided on how  to write responses holding negative outcomes in the most diplomatic way.

''I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Had plenty of time to go through all of the materials and discuss them in more depth. It was reassuring to know that I am doing what I should be, but equally after attending this course, I now have much more confidence in my ability to write difficult responses and deal with cases in which my MP cannot assist .''

The course provides step by step guidance on how to compose a variety correspondence for staff dealing with public inquiries.  This is an ideal course for public facing staff. The course also contains details on how to respond to casework and policy correspondence.

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