Press Management for Campaigners


Course Overview

This course focuses on how to produce slick and highly effective press campaigns. It will chart the best tried and tested way to gain support for your causes and provide you with the tools to enable you to grab attention when working with the constraint of a tight of budget and minimal manpower. The day is packed with practical tips and exercises, case studies  all developed to enable delegates to leave with fresh insight into how to generate publicity for your campaigns.

The day will offer a unique platform  for those eager to learn  how to adopt the best activity and approaches to spark interest and support of your organisation’s campaign.


''This was a thorough and imaginative course. I left with a better view of how to manage the press activity around an existing campaign.''

This course offers guidance on how to construct a successful media campaign capable of influencing Parliament and other policy decision makers. It will also provide professional insights into how to develop media campaign supportive of public affairs activity, by teaching how to entwine critical strategic thinking with core influencing activity.  Finally, it will identify key ways lobbying organisations can best rouse support, relevancy, passion and enthusiastic support among elected politicians, the general public and external stakeholders, by adopting good press and media strategies.



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