Press Management for Parliamentary Staff


Course Overview

The course covers how to  enhance an  MP’s profile and how to promote your MP’s work more effectively. It will look at  key ways to generating relevant news stories. The day will also include a workshop on how to draft professional press releases, guidance on developing a press Crisis Management plan for when things go wrong and finally a session on how to work with local and national journalists.

" An excellent course that got me thinking about the best way to approach press and communications for my MP."

If you need to set up a robust media operation within a small office, acting as a press officer for the first time then this course will be ideal for you. It provides you detailed information and practical guidance on how to turn daily parliamentary activity into news stories.

It will also give instruction on how to market stories to journalists, produce professional and enticing press releases as well as assist in improving your professional understanding of new values and teach how to discern potential stories and pick up vital news gathering skills. This is an ideal course for staff who need to learn media management skills.



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