Research Master Class – A Professional’s Guide to House Procedure


Course Overview

Aimed at MP’s staff, the Research Master Class – A Professional’s Guide to House Procedure has been designed for parliamentary aides wishing to enhance their practical knowledge on how to execute effective parliamentary activity on a daily basis.

The course aims to entangle complex procedure by explaining in details all the main procedure actions individual Members and Parties can instigate within Westminster.

The course taught by a mixture of clerks and former special advisors provides detailed guidance on the complex procedure. It also offers additional clarification on all the major procedural tools commonly used by backbench MPs with additional guidance on how researchers can offer additional assistance to back the work of their MP.

This is a highly focused  training course designed for experienced staff and keen beginners  wishing  to master the main  procedures which dominate the work of MPs. Attendance on this course will enable staff to have a better appreciation of all the complex procedure of the House which can be utilised to gain maximum impact.

The course offers clear guidance on how to fully adopt procedure to increase the effectiveness of your MP’s parliamentary activity in Westminster.

“This course was very detailed and comprehensive as well as interesting – I learnt a lot on the day which will be of use to my MP, helping me to do my job a lot better and assist her in her work. I feel a lot more confident in regards to procedure and would recommend this course to others.”

Michael Broughton, Senior Parliamentary Researcher The Office of Nigel Evans MP

The course explains in detail the many procedural actions researchers can adopt to support the work of their Member of Parliament. It will provide guidance on how to implement complex parliamentary procedure with the express aim of supporting a Member’s parliamentary campaigning activity.

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