Speed Speech Writing – Writing winning speeches to short deadlines


Course Overview

Devised for senior speechwriters and other professionals tasked to write speeches for Directors, Chief Executives, Politicians and Governmental Officials, this course will provide delegates with guidance and instruction on how to continuously write highly competent and pertinent speeches in relatively short time spans.

The course will elaborate upon the core master class techniques available to produce highly relevant and engaging excellent speeches under the pressure of extremely tight deadlines.

It will analyse and examine the main methodologies embedded in the production of such speeches made in reaction to key national and international events. For policy led organisations, it will explain, in detail, how to produce highly competent and effective speeches, able to communicate the needs and desires of several different internal departments, in an engaging intelligent and stimulating manner.


"The course offer fresh insight into to how to cope with last minute speech projects."

This is a very detailed course for senior speech writers, who have to write speeches at short notice. It also contains professional guidance on how to write speeches for different departments and senior personnel simultaneously.



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