Introduction to Political Research


Course Overview

The course provides comprehensive guidance and analysis on how to complete political research. The course also serves as a induction into the working in Westminster and the role of a parliamentary aide. Its also provides a practical  framework on how to work proactively, as well as offering instructional guidance on how to generate evidence and background data from the parliamentary resources available within the House of Commons. The course offers a thorough instructional guide the role of a researcher, outlining  how to support the work of a Member of Parliament, in Westminster.

"This course was excellent! I left with a much more clearer insight of how to complete my role. I would advise anyone who wants to further their career in political research to consider this outstanding course."

The course offers a framework of practice-based ideas, teaching delegates how to gather information, present findings, and ensure that completed work is both accurate and comprehensive in the presentation of factual evidence. Led by a collection of former parliamentary researchers and former think tank staff, the course will provide an effective instructional guide on the universal skills necessary to complete major pieces of political research with ease and confidence.All in all, this is an essential course for anyone who need to master, and grasp quickly, all the skills required to follow competent political research.

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