How to lobby the Scottish Parliament

A snapshot guide on how to gain impact in Holyrood.

Lobbying the Scottish Parliament involves engaging with Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and relevant committees to influence legislation, policies, or decisions.

Here’s is a quickfire guide on how to lobby Scotland’s Parliament more effectively:

Conduct thorough research on MSPs who are relevant to your issue. Identify those who hold positions on committees or have expressed interest in similar topics.

Establish relationships with MSPs and their staff. Attend public events, meetings, or consultations where you can interact with them. Be respectful and professional in your interactions.

Engage with Committees – If your issue falls under the jurisdiction of a specific committee, engage with it. Submit written evidence, request to give oral evidence, or meet with committee members to discuss your concerns.

Be Persistent – Change often takes time and effort. Stay persistent in your advocacy efforts. Follow up on meetings, provide updates, and continue to engage with MSPs even if progress seems slow.

Respect the Rules – Familiarise yourself with the procedure, rules and regulations governing lobbying in the Scottish Parliament. Ensuring that your lobbying activities comply with ethical standards and disclosure requirements.

Remember, effective lobbying is about building relationships, presenting compelling arguments, and advocating for change in a respectful and ethical manner. By following these steps and staying committed to your cause, you can make a meaningful impact on the decision-making process in the Scottish Parliament.

For more in-dept professional guidance why not attend our next Lobbying the Scottish Parliament course.