Perfect Allies – Crisis Management & Strategic Public Affairs

The last 16 months has raised a multitude of professional challenges for all those working in public affairs. The need to navigate public affairs activity whilst working remotely whilst fending off industry challenges, with the very real dire economic consequence of the prospect of the country entering into the worst economic recessions since the Seventeenth Century! Despite the Government’s myriad of economic measures plus the impending easing of lock-down rules, today each sector still faces a set of competing, complex issues, namely how best to navigate the recovery, whilst still requiring supportive policy assistance.

With all this in mind Parli-training has devised a second Advanced Public Affairs Management course which will combine the discipline of crisis management and the art of strategic planning to assist public affairs professionals. This unique course will offer insight for team leaders’ managers and public affairs teams seeking to fully understand how to utilise public affairs activity to achieve success. The course will also provide a forum to review past performance as well as gain critical analysis into how to move forward.

Focusing on strategic public affairs management through the prism of crisis management, the course will offer detailed professional guidance by outlining the key steps managers can adopt in public affairs. The course will also contain critical analysis of the vital action points needed to deal with a changed terrain of parliamentary lobbying, influencing policy since March 2020. It will also provide evaluation of practical approaches and illustrate how to create flexible strategies able to ensure success when seeking to influence policy decision makers.

This is a highly timely and focused course aimed at dealing with complex challenges, all sectors now face and will serve as a platform for facilitating discussion. The course is relevant to all those working within public affairs for voluntary sector, corporate businesses and trade associations. It is aimed at providing senior managers with viable tools and strategic approaches to assist them in navigating industry concerns, post-lock-down.

The course offers an invaluable opportunity for review and analysis of emerging trends and is made up of four session will cover the following:

  • How to re-frame and plan your public affairs agenda post lock-down
  • Offer practical guidance on how to create watertight, reflective and effective crisis management plans
  • Provide guidance on how to manage your agenda during turbulent times

And finally,

  • Showcase vital tips on how to improve upon digital engagement skills, specifically when attempting to influence Parliament