The Countryside has it’s fair share of problems too

The Rural Casework course examines in detail the realities of rural living by providing caseworkers with insight into how to deal with the most common inquiries.

The reality of rural life is far less idyllic than traditionally expected with issues such as rural crime placing a real constant strain on residence living in the community. Coupled with that is the negative effect of migration of young people and families.

One of the worse aspects of rural life is the strain many farmers faced due to  rural crime. Rural crime manifests itself in several ways. It often involves the theft of expensive farm machinery, plant and vehicle theft. Other irritations includes the theft of quad bikes, modern and vintage tractors, tools and equipment from outbuildings.Farmers also have to contend with the occurrence of  the occurrence of livestock fuel theft,including heating oil, diesel and petrol, equine crime – including horse trailer and horse box theft and fly tipping, the organised illegal dumping of household and commercial waste.

Our Rural Casework course provides professional guidance on how to deal with casework inquiries related to the following key topics such as

·        Rural Population and migration
·        Rural Economy and unemployment
·        Transport links and accessibility to Broadband
·        Housing affordability and house-building
·        Poverty, Education and Skills
·        Fuel Poverty and social deprivation
·        Rural Crime, including Farming Equipment theft & Fly tipping
·        Health and Well-being, isolation and the Elderly