The digitalisation of the Press Office

It goes without saying that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation  across all sectors especially in public relations. Prior to this, change was already happening with digital having a major impact on how press offices operated.  It became increasingly clear that many aspects of a traditional press office were evolving to incorporate digital as a major part of how teams promote and represent their organisations or showcase their brand to a variety of media outlets on an ever increasing world stage.

With all these factors in mind, Parli-training has recently updated the Digital for Press Officers course, first established in 2019 to include fresh insights. The course is aimed at senior press officers and senior communications & marketing managers who need to conceptualize and master how Digital can be made more impactful and work most effectively incorporated within their existing press management operations.

The course is aimed at giving attendees and all those responsible for steering their team, a very detailed professional insight and overview on what can be achieved and what best practice looks like.

Core elements of day will include sessions covering the following:

  • Establishing a digital press team/office- checklist the bare essentials
  • Conversation management – editorial techniques on how best to join the conversation rather than start it.
  • Listening strategy – what this means and how it can boost brand/campaign or organisational awareness
  • Search Engine Optimization – the holy grail of Digital! to provide guidance on how to created editorial copy which generate interests and sparks following, relationships and contact with key target audiences
  • Digital Communications PR & Social how the interaction has changed – a review of traditional press and media activity with digital
  • The Digital Press Release – Case Studies: Music Industry – use of EPKs – Electronic Press Kit – The new relationships, with journalists, supporters, customers and core stakeholders has shifted.
  • In-house Versus Agencies – the Pro’s & Cons of outsourcing your digital communications
  • Managing a Digital Team for Press & Public Relations – a Managers’ guide

The aim of the day is to provide comprehensive guidance and information on how to establish a pro-active digital media operation. It will also offer a timely review of all the current developments, plus latest trends associated with Digital Communication and PR.