Effective Public Affairs Management


Course Overview

Discover the keys to establishing a dynamic public affairs engine within your organisation’s existing communications function through our comprehensive course. Gain the strategic insights and practical skills needed to integrate public affairs seamlessly into your communications strategy.

This is a comprehensive course which will cover the following key areas:

Introduction to Public Affairs: Gain insight into the foundations of Public Affairs, distinguishing it from Public Relations and mastering core actions such as strategy development and political communication. Participate in an engaging networking workshop to expand your industry connections.

Public Affairs Strategy for Different Audiences: Learn to craft tailored strategies for diverse stakeholders, including media outlets, parliamentary bodies, and corporate entities.

Implementing Public Affairs Strategy: Dive deeper into the practical implementation of Public Affairs strategies, including analyzing their impact, selecting appropriate spokespeople, and effectively promoting messages to both media and political figures.

Dealing with Westminster: Navigate the complexities of political engagement within the Westminster system, covering essential activities like organising ministerial meetings, presenting petitions, and influencing election manifestos.

And finally, Raising Ethical Standards: The course concludes by exploring the importance of upholding ethical standards in Public Affairs by adhearing to regulation frameworks and professional guidelines for integrity and transparency in all lobbying activities.


" Excellent facilities and helpful staff. Trainer was great at using relevant case studies and examples of good practice, which brought the subject alive."

Our expert-led sessions provide invaluable guidance on effectively aligning media activities, internal communications, parliamentary engagements, and corporate agendas to strengthen your public affairs initiatives. Learn how to navigate parliamentary processes, craft compelling campaigns, and influence policy decision-makers with confidence. But it doesn’t stop there. Our Whitehall based facility and dedicated staff ensure an enriching learning environment. Our dynamic trainer brings the subject to life with compelling case studies and real-world examples of best practices, making every session engaging and impactful.

Furthermore, our course offers professional guidance on how to lead your public affairs agenda, craft a robust strategy, and secure buy-in from senior managers. Whether you’re part of a large corporation or a small organisation, our curriculum is designed to empower you to establish a formidable public affairs presence within your communications function. Whether you’re new to public affairs or seeking to enhance your existing strategy, this course is tailor-made for you.

Explore effective communication methods and techniques for managing messaging across various platforms. Join us and unlock the potential to shape your organisation’s future success.



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