Parliament for Press Officers


Course Overview

The  course provides press officers and senior communications professionals with insight into how to respond to Parliament. It explains how Westminster works as well as pinpointing key opportunities for coverage, such as debates and the passage of bills. It also contains  professional  guidance on how to monitor, handle and respond to major events such as The Queen’s Speech, The Budget, Select Committees inquiries, Private Members’ Bills, Government Bills and Ministerial announcements. This course also contains tactical advice on how to foster meaningful working relations with backbench MP’s, senior politicians and lobby journalists.


" Brilliant course - with good focus on how the process works plus tips on how to lobby government. Very thorough. Well worth it!"

Abid Gangat, Media and Communications Manager, The Design Council

The course provides guidance on how Parliament works for media professionals. It explains all aspects of parliamentary media campaigning . Its also provides press teams with professional insight, to help them support public affairs activity.


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