Parliament for Press Officers


Course Overview

Attention All Press Officers  – Are you ready to become the driving force behind your public affairs team’s success? Look no further! Our revamped Parliament for Press Officers course is designed to empower you to supercharge your promotional efforts in policy and political media while gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of Westminster.

The is designed to achieve the following:

Unlock the Power of Parliamentary Insight: Gain unparalleled insights into the functioning of Westminster, equipping yourself with the knowledge to strategically bolster your team’s campaigning efforts. From understanding legislative intricacies to leveraging key parliamentary milestones, you’ll emerge as a strategic powerhouse ready to navigate the political landscape with finesse.

Seize the Spotlight in Westminster Campaigns: Elevate your campaign game by learning how to effectively publicize your initiatives within the Palace of Westminster. Our course provides media teams with the tools and tactics to maximize coverage opportunities, ensuring their campaigns resonate far and wide among policymakers politician and national journalists.

Amplify Your Impact in Policy Media: Dive into the world of policy media with confidence, mastering the art of crafting compelling narratives that capture attention and drive action. Whether it’s through op-eds, interviews, or strategic media placements, you’ll learn how to strategically position policy and campaign stories to key political media bolstering your organisation’s public affairs agenda to create maximum impact.


''Really interesting. A lot of insights and practical suggestions on how to integrate public affairs activity into press work.''

Teresa Marvulli, Press Officer, The Trussell Trust

Fill in the Missing Gaps: Whether you’re a seasoned senior press staff or a media professional without a political educational background, our course serves as a catch-up, filling in the missing gaps in your knowledge.  The course demystify the complexities of parliamentary workings, ensuring every participant emerges with a comprehensive understanding of how Parliament operates and how to leverage it for maximum impact.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn how to forge stronger internal links & collaboration:

By gaining a better understanding of parliamentary procedures and effective parliamentary campaigning techniques, the course teaches and encourages greater coordination between internal communications teams and public affairs teams, revolutionizing your organisations’ ability to work in a more seamless which can amplified the impact of your political and policy campaigns.





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