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Course Overview

This specialist training course offers all those soon to embark on a career as a Parliamentary Researcher with detailed professional guidance on what the role entails. The course offers an overview of what working in Parliament actually involves on a day-to-day basis. It has been designed to give instruction on all the key skills and requirements of this important role.

This course is an ideal choice for anyone new to working in Parliament who needs to immediately grasp information about all the tasks they will be required to do. The course also offers guidance on how to manage press inquiries, set up a news monitoring and news cutting system, work effectively with Constituency Offices as well as deal with other task associated with the day-to-day running of a private office, such as assisting with piecemeal casework administration to dealing with an MP’s Diary.

This in-house staff course training course will serve as a thorough induction and introduction to the working realities associated with being a new-comer, junior staff member or yet to be, parliamentary assistant working within a busy private parliamentary office. This is an ideal option for all MPs, Office Managers and Senior Secretaries who need to get junior entry staff members up to speed on their core duties, very quickly.

"This is a very comprehensive and useful course which service as a good induction for anyone new to working in Westminster."

The course provides a clear outline of all the main duties of a Parliamentary Assistant. It will also provide guidance on how to carry out all the associated Parliamentary Procedural based tasks such the administration of Early Day Motions, Private Members’ Bills, Parliamentary Questions, both Written and Oral and explanation of the supporting work required by Members from their staff when involved in Standing Committees, Select Committees and membership of All Party Groups.

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