How to use video in Public Affairs

Best Practices for Politicians, Public Affairs Professionals and Charity Campaigners

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you are able to communicate a powerful campaign message through the vessel of a moving image then a good video can get your campaign goals and objectives understood more precisely and in doing so helps spread your message further afield.

At Parli-training we recognise that Parliamentarians and Campaigners, learning how to make award winning videos which capture the essence of the work you do is essential. This is why improving your internal in-house capability by sending your communications and research staff on training courses can significantly boost the impact of your campaigning and public affairs.

A good campaign video does not have to go viral to be successful. Instead a simple video just needs to have the ability to inspire new thoughts and ideas, promote an active and renewed image of who you are and what you have to say. A simple interview or commentary can humanise you and your work and ultimately help you to persuade and engage with your intended audience in new ways.

The outreach of a typical video in the metaverse is gigantic, globally that’s a potential audience of around 1.93 billion a year.  But don’t be put off by the enormity of this.  If you just need to reach 65 important stakeholders or just wish to ensure that your video is gaining traction for a localised community group on Facebook – then you’ve manages to achieve your objectives by reaching your intended audience, getting your message across to the people that really matter to your cause. The point here is you don’t have create an expensive masterpiece to achieve overall success if your ultimate campaign goal is that you just need to connect and engage with your desired audience. The need is to create the content that will get your specific audience thinking about your causes concerns with a better appreciation of the work your do.

For elected politicians, good videos can be critical for constituents and potential voters. Visual imagery is able to humanise you, help to articulate issues of concern or simply highlighting the work you are presently doing at council or parliamentary level

For campaigners, moving imagery which educates increases awareness of your core agenda can serves as a powerful force of persuasion and help the intellectual reach of your intended targeted audience of policy decision makers and key stakeholders.

The importance of focus training

We have been delivering video production courses for public affairs, press and parliamentary staff since 2018 and have acquired an accurate understanding of the key skillset these professionals need.

The training courses we provide will enable your team to not only record powerful impactful campaigning videos. Able to give impact to the work you do and the causes you support. Campaign videos automatically improve an organisations’ digital impact with the importance audience you wish to reach. For politicians a video can help to articulate your parliamentary achievements better to less engaged audiences.

Key takeaways on How to make your videos more impactful

  • Make the storyboard clear & simple
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Tell the story from the heart- nothing beats authenticity
  • Start with a strong message and use visual imaginary to increase impact
  • Get your message across by having a clear call of action

Key takeaways on How to run successful video campaigns

  • Make sure you integrate with other activity
  • Ensure the video fits the audience or audiences
  • Be brave with your creative
  • Measure your success