Why casework is so important

Casework holds profound significance for both constituents and MPs alike. When executed with professionalism and compassion, it can transform lives and bolster an MP’s standing in the community. Yet, for caseworkers, navigating this terrain is often complex and emotionally taxing. Despite the challenges, the fulfilment derived from aiding those in dire need is unparalleled.

Understanding the pivotal role of caseworkers, Parli-training has dedicated extensive resources to crafting and refining our casework courses. We recognize the weight of their responsibilities and the magnitude of their caseloads, often brimming with distressing cases. Ensuring they receive the highest calibre training is paramount to delivering exemplary service. That’s why our casework master classes are meticulously crafted, incorporating critical details to empower caseworkers with the skills they need.

For over a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of casework training. Since the inception of our Introduction to Casework course in March 2010, we’ve continually evolved, introducing new courses to meet the evolving demands of the role. Our mission remains unwavering: to provide training that authentically reflects the realities of casework, equipping caseworkers with the tools needed to thrive in their vital role.