Why casework is so important

Casework executed in a professional and compassionate manner can have a huge impact on the lives of  constituents. It can also have a positive and enduring impact on an MP’s reputation. For the caseworker its can be complex and saddening and it is of course a lot of hard work however its is extremely rewarding and life affirming when your able to help someone in dire need.

This is why we have  spent many years developing new casework courses and refining existing courses. At Parli-training, we recognise how essential it is to train caseworkers. They have a huge impact and responsibility. They also have a huge caseload to match and often have to deal with many harrowing cases. We also appreciate that in order to provide a gold standard service, you need  to receive gold standard training. This is why we make sure that we include as much critical detail as possible in our casework master classes.

We have been delivering our courses for eleven years now. The first Introduction to Casework course was launched  in March 2010. Since then we have developed further courses. Our mission back then was to provide training which accurately reflects the pressures and challenges of the role. We are still face that challenge till this day. But we are committed to providing casework training courses which are both relevant and detailed enough to support the work of caseworkers today.